AHW has been awarded new VMI program at the ZSS CUU utilizing the TwinBin system and AHW web portal technologies. The custom VMI program is a recently new design to support in scope hardware product lines, and includes third party products as well. The Direct Line Feed DLF program will have both AHW and other vendor products on its Point-Of-Use racks so all hardware required for ZSS production will run through one VMI program. The new recent design was developed by AHW in 2017 called “Multi-Vendor VMI” is being implemented at ZOCI business unit in Tijuana to support the ZOCI three supplier vision. Says Bobby Arranaga, Director of Sales and VMI Services, “We have designed a new VMI so customers can include existing products in our VMI program, taking advantage of all the cost benefits for AHW and third-party products, making AHW the sole source of hardware at the point of use.” The customization of the VMI to the ZSS business separates AHW from other VMI providers to offer a solution that is specific to the business needs and not a VMI service that a business must fit into. Additionally, our VMI operations in Chihuahua make AHW the logical choice, so were excited for the growth were seeing so quickly in Chihuahua with Zodiac Seats and Seat Shells, Embraer and subcontractors. For more about AHW products and services, please see www.ahw-global.com.