Zodiac Seats awards five-year LTA to support Zodiac Seats and SeatShell business units in North America. The five-year LTA includes delivering products in the AHW state-of-the-art VMI system. With the award, AHW will launch new facilities in Gainesville, Texas and Santa Maria, California.  The Chihuahua facility will be served by new facility currently in design with estimated completion first quarter of 2018.  The LTA continues its long-standing relationship and contracts which started with Zodiac Seats of California in 2015. Says CEO Frank Ioffrida: “The long-standing partnership continues with now the addition of new sites in scope in Gainesville, TX and Chihuahua, Mexico.  The new LTA also supports AHW growth plan in the central US with new facilities scheduled to be open December 2018. The Chihuahua business units for both Seats and Seat Shells creates even more stability for AHW in the central Mexico region with its current Embraer contracts. We are very excited to be the leading supplier to Zodiac Seats North America, and we continue to collaborate with Zodiac Seats to develop the most efficient methods for delivering hardware, electrical and placards. With local facilities to support Zodiac business units, we have brought tremendous value and reliability to their business.”  Visit AHW-Global.com for more information about AHW and a full list of products and services.