Zodiac Aerospace Cabin Interiors (ZOCI) awards AHW a new Long Term Agreement for hardware and placards that will support 13 Zodiac business units in US, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany and Brazil with support over 300 Zodiac contractors worldwide. The new agreement includes support of over 3000 unique hardware items and placards and makes VMI services available to all ZOCI business units. The most recent LTA was awarded as a part of a global initiative to bring all hardware support to three key hardware suppliers AHW, Wesco and KLX Aerospace. The reduction in suppliers as part of a global initiative from the new parent company Safran positions AHW to all new business opportunities. Say’s Frank Ioffrida CEO and President, “AHW is very pleased to be awarded new business opportunities with ZOCI, with continued support of existing legacy part numbers to support older programs. We are extremely proud of our performance, and the resulting decision of Safran/Zodiac to include AHW in its future business plan and partnership. We feel very confident on our new business opportunities, and continued growth and position with ZOCI. Together with the recent LTA award for Zodiac Seats, AHW has now an extremely strategic position with ZOCI and ZS offering great opportunities across North America, Europe and South America.” Zodiac Aerospace is a world leader in aerospace equipment and systems for commercial, regional and business aircraft, as well as helicopters and space applications. Zodiac Aerospace is a Safran