Encore Interiors awards AHW an LTA for hardware, electrical and placards to support its Lift Company producing seats for Boeing Sky Interiors. The plan is for the Lift seat to be available in 2017 for delivery for the 737 programs, and later for the 787 Dreamliner.  The LTA supports operations in the Huntington Beach and Tijuana facilities. Encore Interiors is a major interior supplier founded by Jim Downey and Tom McFarland, who set-up C&D Aerospace, a world leading interior company, later purchased by Zodiac in 2005.  AHW is very pleased to be partnered with Encore to support the expected rapid growth. Says Mike Letender, Senior Account Manager for Encore “The Encore company is full of high energy creative industry experts that will surely build cutting edge design interiors. The AHW team is very excited about the future, and supporting the next 10 years of growth in the wide open interior market.”  Visit AHW-Global.com for more information about AHW and a full list of products and services.