Embraer awards AHW five-year LTA to provide all hardware and electrical products for their Chihuahua facility to support the legacy E1 and new E2 programs. AHW will launch new facility with full operational capabilities to deliver products in state-of-the-art VMI program using the TwinBin system and its revolutionizing web portal. With presence to central Mexico, AHW can offer the complete line of products and services using local warehouse and personnel. The EZAir LTA will support new business for the E2 program scheduled to ramp-up in 2019 through 2034. AHW Director of Sales Bobby Arranaga says: “This LTA and new facility in Chihuahua will support AHW and its next steps to be the premier supplier in Mexico. With full operations now, AHW can support not only the Chihuahua aerospace cluster, but aerospace companies in Monterey, Queretaro, and Mexico City areas. We’re excited about our partnership with EZAir, and the parent company Embraer and the possibilities in Mexico and Brazil. The VMI program will be a game changer for EZAir with large savings from the reduction in product pricing, and eliminate all the logistics costs of processing hardware through the plant.”   Visit AHW-Global.com for more information about AHW and a full list of products and services.