AHW Raises $1500 for Youth Sports Organization

On Sunday December 7th, Aircraft Hardware West gathered at Charlie Palmer Restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA for our annual holiday celebration.  We were honored to share 2014's celebrations with some of our very valued partners, customers and clients.  This year, AHW put together a raffle in which we were able to raise $1,500 while offering some fantastic gifts to our hard-working and dedicated employees and partners.  AHW donated the $1,500 to a very special charity, Sports Giver whose mission is to provide underprivileged youth with an opportunity to participate in athletics and arts programs.  They do this by giving back to local and global communities providing team jerseys and access to league events.  AHW is a firm believer that team sports and the arts play an important role in the development of young adults by building confidence, communication skills, and determination, all valuable attributes which will serve their ability to succeed in many aspects of life. With [...]