AHW announces the establishment of operations through its partnership with Intermex to support the Chihuahua aerospace cluster www.aerospaceclusterchihuahua.com. Recent contract awards from Zodiac Aerospace Seats and Cabin business units, and Embraer company EZAir required local presence in the Chihuahua area to warehouse products and provide operational support for standard contracts and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. With full operational capabilities now, AHW can support central Mexico companies with local inventories and eliminate the pain points of importing and shipping costs, and provide a value added VMI program. AHW is a provider of aircraft military standard hardware for aircraft interiors and structures. AHW stocks 65K SKU’s from every major manufacture in warehouses in CA, and now Mexico. Recent awards in Mexico were because AHW now provides VMI services using the new TwinBin system. https://www.twinbin.com/2018/01/19/success-twinbin-usa-mexico/. The TwinBin VMI system works with an integrated web portal, with no cost to the client for transition, or racking. Please call our corporate office in CA, or the local office in Chihuahua for more details on how we can help support your hardware needs for your facilities in Mexico. For more about AHW products and services, please see www.ahw-global.com.