AHW Launches Customer Web Portal

AHW is pleased to announce the official launch of the AHW Customer Web Portal. The AHW Web Portal can be found on the AHW website providing customers 24/7 access to their private virtual account using a personalized user name and password. On any given day at any given time from anywhere in the world a customer can sign into their AHW personalized account through the Web Portal to check on whatever they need including available stock, status of a purchase order, tracking information, recent quotes or the status of an invoice. The portal gives each AHW customer direct access to all the information they need regarding their account. Customers are still welcome to resource AHW’s highly trained staff by phone, email or fax during working hours to answer any business related requests. The Web Portal is an added resource for the customer giving them private entry to their customer account for direct and immediate access to information whenever they need. The AHW Web Portal puts control into the customer’s hands saving them valuable time once spent waiting for a return phone call, email or fax. Also, if a customer needs something answered after business hours or on the weekend they don’t have to wait until the morning or Monday; that PO confirmation, tracking information or quote history are readily available whenever they sign in to their private customer account. For international customers with incongruent working hours halfway across the globe the AHW Web Portal will be an invaluable convenience for them to keep current with all of their needs. Immediate access to important information can make all the difference when that information assures on-time delivery of a part needed to keep an assembly on schedule. The AHW Web Portal allows each customer the ability to remain up to date with all the information they need to be in control of their account. Any stress of not knowing is now virtually eliminated.

As an AS9120A Certified distributor AHW is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services in the airline industry today. AHW improves and maintains its competitive edge by consistently delivering a highly personalized approach to customer service. The AHW Web Portal is the latest in a long list of AHW personalized services to utilize state-of-the-art advancements in business technology including bar coding, kitting and the recently added Remote Management Inventory (RMI) system. For further information or to set up a private customer account on AHW’s Web Portal contact Krista Ioffrida at kioffrida@ahw-global.com.

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