AHW Is Awarded 5 Year Contract With Zodiac Aerospace

Aircraft Hardware West is proud to announce the recent signing of a Long Term Agreement (LTA) with Zodiac Aerospace, a global leader in the production and development of Cabin Interiors, Aircraft Systems, AeroSafety & Technology. This 5-year LTA is the second in AHW’s mounting partnership with Zodiac Aerospace and is driven by a history of personalized service and strong inventory power. With over 2000 line items this new LTA adds nearly three times the volume to the first agreement and gives AHW sole distributorship of a wide range of aircraft fasteners to all Zodiac Aerospace companies including 13 divisions of C&D Aerospace, Dreissen Aircraft Services, Weber Aircraft, and Monogram Systems. “We are so pleased,” says AHW CEO and President, Frank Ioffrida. “Winning such a large portion of the hardware LTA makes us a proud partner and premier supplier to all Zodiac Aerospace companies.” AHW’s expanding inventory includes a variety of items also being utilized to fill Zodiac’s off-contract hardware needs. Beyond distribution, some other opportunities for AHW include services like Vendor Management Inventory, tooling and tool repair, and metal plate and vinyl placard manufacturing. The full line of products and services offered by AHW can be obtained by contacting us at Sales@AHW-Global.com.

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