With its best year in sales to date, Aircraft Hardware West moved into the final month of 2010 knowing that December, with major holidays and shortened work weeks, can tend to be one of the quieter months out of the twelve. Breaking from this tradition, however, December of 2010 served up a monthly sales record which places the expanding Aircraft Hardware West in its strongest position since opening its doors eight years ago. “We are very pleased with our growth this year,” says AHW President and CEO Frank Ioffrida, “and very fortunate to be experiencing such satisfying rewards from our hard work and commitment to excellence.”

While humble in tone, Ioffrida’s keen vision, breadth of knowledge and exceptional leadership skills have been key ingredients to Aircraft Hardware West’s continued eight-year expansion. A sharp lens of that vision for AHW has always focused on customer service, and especially on meeting the specific needs of each of its valued customers. One such service, Customized Kitting – a uniquely personalized service in which a group of parts is packaged together and delivered just in time to support a specific build or assembly – is a leading area of growth for the company. “Customer satisfaction for our Kitting service is extremely high and, as a result the demand keeps rising,” says Sales and Marketing Manager Krista Ioffrida.

Another contributing factor to the company’s continuing growth in 2010 is AHW’s investment in new marketing approaches and materials. By seizing the backyard opportunity of having a booth presence at the 2010 Aircraft Interior Expo in Long Beach, CA, AHW not only facilitated closer bonds with existing partnerships but it also began forging new relationships with prospective business partners in a blossoming niche market.

President/CEO Ioffrida explains: “Many of our large volume contract customers are manufacturing for the interior market. We are growing our inventory based on where we see the most need. Our strategy of solidifying relationships with existing, nascent and future interior galley OEM’s seems to be working out nicely.” If a record year in 2010 (ending with a record month of December) is any indication, it seems this strategy combined with AHW’s long-term vision of excellence in quality and customer service is working out very well for this rising company.