AHW Enters Long Term Agreement with Klune Industries

AHW is excited to announce the signing of a Long Term Agreement (LTA) with Klune Industries, a steadfast AHW customer since 2003.  Klune is a long time leader in the Aerospace and Defense industries providing specialized end-to-end solutions in Sheet Metal Forming, Casting, Machining and Assemblies.  The LTA will implement AHW’s pioneering Remote Managed Inventory (RMI) system specifically designed to provide customers the fastest, easiest, most reliable and cost saving inventory management system in the marketplace today.  RMI is a game changing product delivery service using the latest advancements in information technology.

The benefits of this new distribution service are many.  Developed in partnership with Quantum Control AHW’s RMI system uses a web portal which acts like a storefront.  This portal is available to all existing AHW customers giving them 24/7 access to all available and incoming AHW stock.  In the case of the LTA, the RMI places an agreed upon quantity of designated stock items at Klune’s facility (with no capital outlay to Klune).  Klune is in control.  They are able to pull stock from their facility on an as needed basis with a pay-as-you-go accounting system provided through the portal. When inventory is used the system will automatically deduct and account for the usage.  AHW maintains and replenishes the agreed upon stock levels at Klune’s multiple facilities.  Pricing is set no matter the quantity used.  The RMI system will virtually guarantee that Klune is never without the parts necessary for its critical assemblies.

When AHW opened its doors in 2003 it set out with a mission:  To be a trusted partner in the success of its customer’s business.  Over the years it has built that trusted partnership with Klune Industries who first came to AHW looking for a single piece of hardware, a plug nut needed to complete one of their specialized assemblies.  “We thrive by delivering on the promise of our mission to prioritize on the needs of our customers,” says AHW President and CEO Frank Ioffrida.  “When we delivered that first plug nut to Klune back in 2003 we immediately set out to build upon the seed of this new relationship by expanding our capacity to directly serve Klune’s specific needs.”

To that end, in 2009 AHW developed a sophisticated kitting system ideal for delivering the exact set (kit) of parts needed for any given assembly from the large bulge formed nose lip segments to the entire missile fuselage structure and fuel tank assemblies.  Ioffrida adds, “The huge success of our kitting service over the past four years has deepened the trust level in our relationship with Klune.”  Building on the success of its kitting service, AHW is pleased to continue its trusted partnership with Klune and is excited to implement a product delivery system unlike anything offered in the past.  You can email kioffrida@ahw-global.com for more information about RMI or any of AHW’s many products and services.

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