AHW Completes VMI Transition for Embraer Facility in Chihuahua, Mexico

AHW completes the transition of state-of-the-art VMI program utilizing the TwinBin system at Embraer company EZAir in Chihuahua, Mexico. Managed by an AHW program management team, implementation was on schedule using a six-phase approach over 8 weeks to implement the program without interruption to the Embraer production schedule. The VMI supports 1200-part numbers, both hardware and electrical items, 1800 bins on 25 TwinBin racks across 18 production areas. Each phase was carefully planned to use detailed discovery techniques, and analyzing BOM and actual hardware used in each area. Design reviews were conducted and approved by Embraer prior to all the build phases. Readiness reviews were carefully planned and scheduled, with training videos used both in Spanish and English prior to each Go-Live. Post Go-Live meetings were conducted until stabilization was achieved. Says VMI Transition program manager Rainer Otto: “With such a great customer, who collaborated with AHW and assigned the correct resources to the transition team, the transition was a complete success. With web portal services tracking the operational functionality of each part number, the VMI is truly state of the art. We are also very proud of our AHW staff in California and Mexico, and our partner Intermex for their support on setting up our import logistics processes. This will be a program that will save Embraer significantly, but more importantly be more reliable then legacy ordering methods. The VMI program can scale and grow with Embraer needs and especially for the upcoming ramp-up of business from the E2 program.” Visit AHW-Global.com for more information about AHW and a full list of products and services.

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