This August 14th and 15th 2019, Aircraft Hardware West, Inc. (AHW) showed a strong presence at Mexico’s Aerospace Summit in Queretaro, MX, with their booth and on the main stage demonstrating its strength and relevancy in the Aerospace Hardware Distribution and Inventory Management areas. CEO Frank Ioffrida was part of a panel of suppliers discussing, on the main stage, the benefits and values of setting up business in Mexico. In 2017, AHW expanded its U.S. operations to Chihuahua, MX, setting up a full Inventory Logistics center servicing 3 major OEM’s in the area. The planning and logistics for that expansion was supported by a Mexican Shelter Company, Intermex, and has been extremely successful. AHW has expanded its products lines, services portfolio and parts scope by over 300% since establishing the Chihuahua presence. Franks says “The Queretaro show has given us the ability to network with local OEM’s and establish strong relationships with Mexican suppliers. The Queretaro Cluster is one of the largest Aerospace Clusters in Mexico and we are seriously considering expansion into this region” AHW is working closely with FEMIA and other organization in Mexico, to bring innovative logistics solutions to these aerospace regions. Frank was accompanied by VP of Business Development, Dominic Ioffrida and Jesus Gutierrez, who is AHW’s VMI Program Manager in Chihuahua. Dominic says “ We wanted to be able to provide insight, to conference goers, into AHW’s products and services. AHW has a very innovative approach to Inventory Supply and Management. One of my goals for this show was to reach as many aircraft companies as we can with our Inventory-as-a-Service message. We want to move away from the discussion of part numbers and move towards discussions about managed inventory outcomes. Such as; No stock outs or production line stoppages and significant reduction in cost of inventory to our customer” Dominic continues to say “ This requires a completely different conversation with our clients and at a different buying level. And we are prepared to have those conversations. When I speak to potential clients, I am seeing more and more OEM representatives seeing the value in “Outsourcing their Inventory and Logistics Services”. The AHW Advanced Inventory Management Solution (AIMS) can take them there”.

To conclude Dominic wanted to stress “Our core business for nearly 20 years is our extensive product lines, supply chain availability and customer service. We will provide the product you need on time and competitively priced. This is the foundation of our business and we will always continue to strive for excellence in this area. Combining this foundation with innovative management solutions differentiates AHW from its competitors.

The team representing AHW at the Queretaro show believe that this year’s event was a resounding success. Over 100 people visited the booth and the interest in the Inventory Management Solutions was very high. They are looking forward to next year’s show and to possibly having a presence established in Queretaro sometimes next year.

Aircraft Hardware West is a full-service provider of hardware and related services to the aircraft and commercial industries with main HQ in Long Beach, Ca. Aircraft Hardware West believes that a comprehensive inventory and timely delivery of hardware are only the beginning of what they have to offer. AHW can be a trusted partner in the success of your business. For more information on any of our products or our Advanced Inventory Management Solutions, please contact