On September 18th, 2019, Aircraft Hardware West has extended its Long Term Agreement with Encore Interiors, a Boeing Company, for an additional 2 years. Encore is engaged in the design, development, and manufacture of aircraft interiors and structural products. AHW and Encore had entered into this Long Term Agreement in January of 2017 and was originally termed to remain in force through December 31, 2019.  The amendment extends parts and services for Mexico and California facilities. Included with the extension was a significant increase of parts scope on a wide variety of hardware items including Boeing’s strategic panel inserts. Frank Ioffrida, CEO of AHW says ” We are very excited about the Boeing buyout of Encore interiors. This widens our opportunity to grow with Boeing and their newly approved “LIFT” seat that will be used on the B737 and B787 programs”.

This extension is the third hardware and placard contract that AHW has signed with Encore, continuing a 4-year relationship that has seen AHW’s business with the aircraft interiors manufacturer grow nearly 15%, year over year.  AHW is now Encore’s exclusive placard provider. All Placards are now Boeing approved and are manufactured by AHW Placards division located in Long Beach, Ca and has expanded into supplying over 1500 placards to Encore for placement on Boeing planes.

Krista Wildermuth, Director of Operations for AHW echo’s Franks comments and mentions “These Long Term Agreements are built to provide stability with fixed pricing for the contract term, which is attractive to our customers. Significant value-added benefits come with these agreements, including free delivery and guaranteed quality performance service levels. Working with Encore’s forecasts and being able to have a defined parts list allows AHW to maintain our inventory levels and guarantee part availability to minimize and even eliminate production line interruptions”. Krista goes on to say, “AHW also has an aggressive rebate program which can bring up to 5% cost rebates back to our customers annually depending on the amount of their spend. This can be significant”.

Aircraft Hardware West is a full-service provider of hardware and related services to the aircraft and commercial industries with main HQs in Long Beach, CA. Aircraft Hardware West believes that a comprehensive inventory management solution and timely delivery of hardware, at competitive pricing, are only the beginning of what they have to offer. AHW can be a trusted partner in the success of your business. For more information on any of our products or our Advanced Inventory Management Solutions, please contact info@ahw-global.com.