In line with its ongoing strategy to continuously provide state-of-the-art products and services for its customers, AHW has designed an innovative technology for managing inventory remotely through a web-based interface.   Using RMI, Twinbins and ground-breaking technology,  AHW can install a well-organized bin rack system at the customer’s facility strategically located around each work cell.  Scanning devices capture usage data for billing and replenishing.  Data is uploaded immediately to the RMI portal for instant recording of all transactions.  A custom-built e-bond allows this live information to be instantly shared between AHW and the customer’s ERP systems.  This new system provides greater visibility, traceability, and global management of the VMI program improving productivity while saving both time and money.  Companies interested in taking advantage of this new AHW service may contact Krista Wildermuth, Director of Sales and Operations at