Aircraft Hardware West is now a member of FEMIA!

Aircraft Hardware West is proud to announce that they have been ratified as an official Affiliate member of FEDERACIÓN MEXICANA DE LA INDUSTRIA AEROESPACIAL, A.C. (FEMIA) The Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries, A.C. (FEMIA) is a nonprofit association which integrates the majority of the aerospace companies in Mexico. The Federation was established in November 2007, to promote the development of the Mexican Aerospace Industry both nationally and internationally. FEMIA is the aerospace association recognized by the Federal Government, given that it was established jointly as a mandate of the federal authorities to gather all national and international corporations within the sector. FEMIA has roughly 100 member companies which collaborate together to foster the development of the aerospace industry and was established with the vision to represent all the aerospace sector in the country. It is an international reference as a corporate association, always responding to strategic challenges of the sector and [...]