AHW Partners with TYE to Supply Panel Inserts to Zodiac Aerospace

Aircraft Hardware West continues to grow with the recent award of one of the largest long term agreements (LTA) from Zodiac Aerospace. A sizeable part of the LTA is the honeycomb panel inserts. Along with the 5 year LTA awarded in May 2010, this combines to make up one of the largest contracts of panel inserts in the industry. To support this sizeable demand AHW has contracted with The Young Engineers (TYE) a privately held company in Lake Forest, CA, and one of the leading manufacturers of honeycomb panel inserts and turn-loc fasteners. These contracts also extend to support the needs of all Zodiac Aerospace business units including C&D Aerospace, Dreissen Aircraft Services, Weber Aircraft, and Monogram Systems. Says Heather Tellez, AHW’s Customer Support Representative for Zodiac Aerospace, “With the increasing demand of panel inserts required to support Zodiac, AHW needs a strong, flexible supplier who is able to keep [...]

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AHW Is Awarded 5 Year Contract With Zodiac Aerospace

Aircraft Hardware West is proud to announce the recent signing of a Long Term Agreement (LTA) with Zodiac Aerospace, a global leader in the production and development of Cabin Interiors, Aircraft Systems, AeroSafety & Technology. This 5-year LTA is the second in AHW’s mounting partnership with Zodiac Aerospace and is driven by a history of personalized service and strong inventory power. With over 2000 line items this new LTA adds nearly three times the volume to the first agreement and gives AHW sole distributorship of a wide range of aircraft fasteners to all Zodiac Aerospace companies including 13 divisions of C&D Aerospace, Dreissen Aircraft Services, Weber Aircraft, and Monogram Systems. “We are so pleased,” says AHW CEO and President, Frank Ioffrida. “Winning such a large portion of the hardware LTA makes us a proud partner and premier supplier to all Zodiac Aerospace companies.” AHW’s expanding inventory includes a variety of [...]

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AHW & Cherry Aerospace Form New Partnership

AHW is proud to announce its recent partnership with Cherry Aerospace, a Boeing approved, PCC Company based in Santa Ana, CA. Cherry Aerospace produces aerospace products of the highest quality and is regarded as the world leading manufacturer of premier grade blind rivets. In fact, Cherry Aerospace products are included in the design of most every commercial and military aircraft. This partnership with Cherry Aerospace entitles AHW full access to the entire Cherry Aerospace line of merchandise, and further solidifies AHW’s growing supply chain infrastructure by stocking these very specialized and sought after products from the world’s leading manufacturer of blind rivets, lock bolts and blind bolts. Says Frank Ioffrida, AHW’s CEO & President, “this new partnership allows AHW to stock essential blind rivet products to fill our customer need at the most industry competitive price.” Partnering with Cherry Aerospace also raises AHW to a higher level of stature in [...]

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